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033 - Kevin's Comeback

....and the story continues! After my dad left the living room, we ate some sweet bean jelly in silence...

My dad can be difficult sometimes, but I love him for how he is. I can just laugh about it now.


  1. Hi, Hanako!

    I'm hanging on the edge of my seat, as they say, to see how this story turns out. Thanks again for sharing it.


  2. I read all of your comics today after a Canadian friend linked to them on Tumblr. They're all so cute and funny! Everyone comes across as really earnest and charming, so they're a very refreshing read. The art is cute too.

    Hope to see more!

    1. Wow! Please say thank you to your cool friend for me.

  3. I love your manga Hanako. I had a similar experience when I wanted to marry my wife (who's Japanese also). Her dad actually took off when he found out I was coming over to meet them! ^_^

    Her parents live in Yatsushiro... so I'm sure you can understand the Kyushu Danji type father that my wife has. In the end it all worked out. But it is funny to read your manga and be able relate to your situation.

    1. Did you have to run after him to get his blessing? I am glad it worked out for you! Otsukaresama deshita.

    2. Haha he had already left even before I got to the house. But he did end up coming back home the next day when his friends convinced him to give me a chance :)

      BTW I showed my wife the manga you did where Kevin opens the rice cooker 2 minutes before it was done. I've done the same thing and she goes "Why do you guys want to open it before it's done?! It'll change the taste!!" LOL

      Keep the mangas coming. You've got fans out there! Ganbatte!

    3. Oh boy, please be careful with the rice cooker with your parents in law's place!