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     I miss you, and I hope you and your family are all well. I just wanted to give you a quick update.

     In February, I gave birth to two boys. That's right, Kevin and I have TWINS!! Surpriiiiise!!! I really wanted to announce this news in my comics, but my time is very restricted with the two babies. With that reason, it may take longer for me to come back to my blog than you think. I am hoping to keep drawing comics about my journey with the new family. 

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Dear Readers


     Due to my health condition, I need to take some time off from this blog. I will miss you all, and I hope to come back soon.

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     I will focus on my health for now, and come back with new stories. I wish you and your family happiness, lots of smiles and laughter.

    Please stay tuned!

Hanako :)


107 - Sexy Lips

Hello everyone! I just wanted t let you know that we will be going back to Japan for a couple weeks, and I may be updating new posts at inconsistent times. Japanese yen is pretty expensive right now. (T-T) I am excited to see my families & friends, and eating good food!!