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090 - Surprise at the Airport


       Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I am so excited to share some great news with you all.

My comics characters have been accepted by LINE as 'stickers' for their texting service!

For people who have not yet heard of LINE, it is a social messaging application where you can exchange texts, images, video and audio. The really cool thing is they allow people to submit a series of 40 drawings which, if accepted by LINE, are then sold on their store. These drawings are called 'stickers' and work like emoticons. So now you can use my drawings to convey your feelings to friends in a text message.

The whole process took almost 6 months and my 'stickers' and are available now. I would be very grateful for any support. Please have a look by clicking the link below. You are super awesome if you can possibly purchase any. :P

      Here is one of the stickers!