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036 - Sing It Out


  1. Hi, Hanako! As always, I love the way you draw facial expressions because they alone are enough to always put a smile on my face, regardless of the subject matter of particular cartoon at hand. As for the question of whether or not you said too much to Kevin about cooking, I doubt it: I've noticed over the years that couples often differ greatly in the kitchen about how to make meals properly, so it seems to be only natural to disagree in that particular setting. Besides, as a man I can comfortably concede that more often than not, the woman is usually right. Cheers! :)

    1. Let's remember "Happy wife, happy life". (It rhymes...) Hahaha. I read your comment loud for Kevin, and he went "Mmmmmmm".

  2. My husband does the same thing! He always picks at my cooking - so I have to banish him from the kitchen while I'm cooking.
    But most of the time that just means he cooks for me.
    It's easier that way.

    1. Hi Grace! I hope you guys are enjoying your newly married life. It's sweet that your husband cooks for you.
      ( ´ ▽ ` ) Kevin is a pretty good cook too.