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032 - Letter from My Dad

       I had such a fun week! The article about this blog was on the Toronto Star on Tuesday, and I have been enjoying receiving many reactions from the readers. Rhiannon gave me the interview about a month ago, but I did not know when the article would be on the paper. It was a surprise when my coworker told me that he saw the paper, and that was how I knew. Apparently my father in law received many phone calls of congrats. 

       Pleeease pass along this blog to anyone who may enjoy! I am sending big love to everyone. Have a great weekend! :)


  1. Hi, Hanako!

    I'm one of those new readers who've just now learnt of your site through the recent Toronto Star article. That must have been so devastating when your father refused to give his blessing. Good for you and Kevin for persevering and allowing true love to prevail!

    Thanks for sharing--both your life and your humour. And for introducing me to the Texan in Tokyo blog.


  2. 私も日本人と結婚しているカナダ人です。幸いなことに、うちの妻の両親の反応はこんなことじゃなかった、あはは。

    その後、どうしましたか? はなこさんの父の今の気持ちは?

  3. Hi guys! Thank you for your comments. The story continues, so you will see what happened to my dad later... ;)