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063 - My Sleepy Friend Hiroe


  1. It's kind of different for me. I will be fine when I arrive, I will only encounter jet lag when I return home from the States.

  2. Love it! Kuma looks down right angry. :D I know this feeling well, especially for short visits between Japan and Canada! Hubby's relatives slept almost every time they sat down, too. :D

  3. Heh heh heh. I like how even Kuma had bags under his eyes in the stand-alone panel below the main strip. And I'll bet that your friend Hiroe was only finally feeling awake by the time that she was leaving to go back to Japan. :)

  4. I also suffer from jet lag every time I go to Japan for at least one week... Japan is 14 hours ahead of Toronto in winter time.
    Hiroe blames both jet lag and alcohol for falling asleep all the time! ;)