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109 - Big Deal


  1. Congratulations!

    He'll understand in a not-so-pleasant way in 9 months time I guess, when he discovers mommy's attention is occupied otherwise...

  2. Congratulations!
    Dogs are notoriously unimpressed by us humans unless it involves food ;>)

  3. Thank you very much, everyone! :) I just came back to Toronto from Japan. I did not think being pregnant and being on a airplane for 14 hours would be this hard. Not again!!
    We surprised my family and friends with the news, and I will be drawing comics about it. Stay tuned! ;)

    Love, Hanako

  4. Welcome back, Hanako, and congratulations to both you and your hubby on your wonderful news! Your baby and your puppy will get along just fine; you'll see! Thanks for sharing your good news with your readers. :)

  5. おめでとうございます! Glad to hear the news ^^

  6. Thank you!! I am sure I will have more materials to draw comics, but less time from now on. I will do my best. ;)

  7. Thanks, Buddy! Please get ready for a new character.

  8. Please name the baby after a Pokémon character! Please! Ha ha ha! ;D