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103 - Call Me Hon


  1. OMG--too funny!!! I just read this at 4:30 am in the morning and I'm lucky that I didn't wake anybody up with my laughter. The best part was when you were hunched by the fire at the end burning your glasses! Thanks for the hearty laugh, Hanako. Good night, Ma'am--er, I mean, Hon! Ha ha ha! :D

    1. I guess it is good that I can change my bitter experiences into laughter by drawing comics! Haha. I hope you had a great long weekend staying up all night. ;)

    2. I'm sorry if I seemed a bit insensitive to your distress in making my prior comment, Hanako. It was mostly the image of your burning your glasses that cracked me up so much, because I doubt that you actually went to that extreme in real life. For what it's worth, I've been in your shoes, too, except in my case it 'bummed me out' when people began to call me 'sir' in my mid-twenties. I can't speak for everyone, of course, but many men I know think that glasses make a woman look smart and sexy, not old (myself included--plus I think the same thing about women with freckles, too, for some reason). Anyway, I hope that your long-weekend was great, too! :)

    3. Don't worry about it!! :D I would not draw a comic and post it on internet if I am sensitive about it. I think it was a funny event, and I kind of appreciate the opportunity now to make me creative. LOL