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100 - Hitchhiker's Remorse


  1. Ouch D:

    That sort of thing can be tricky to deal with, I do so all the time. If you're reading this, you should type in a rough draft in the reply box! Don't worry about wording, don't worry about the time that's passed, don't worry about a single thing - conspire to send that letter! You never know, you might make their day or even start a friendship. ^_~

  2. By the way, good job on 100 comics! :D

  3. Better let it drop. If you write now, the letter might not even reach the intended recipient.

  4. Here is another confession. We actually lost their address, so there is no way to write to them... We are terrible! D:
    Thank you very much for noticing that this is the 100th comic. I made it to three digits. Thank you for sticking with me!