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091 - Power of the Japanese Smile


  1. Loved your smiley facial expressions this week. And, yeah, I agree about many American customs officers being unpleasant: their problem, genuine security issues notwithstanding, is that they're xenophobes. But, by all means, please continue to smile your Japanese smile--I love Japanese positivity in general, and your sense of humour in particular! :)

  2. Sorry, one more quick comment: I've noticed that the real-world 'guest' figures that have appeared on-panel in this strip and in your last one have been rendered in a slightly more realistic fashion than you normally display. Is this just an experiment, or are you saying something specific about these individuals? Just wondering; either way, I like it (the angry border guard's glare was especially funny to me, for what its worth). :)

    1. You are such a commentator with eyes for details! I thought a realistic style might convey the border guard's seriousness and anger better. I also enjoyed drawing in a "graphic novel" style.

  3. They're very concerned about terrorists sneaking in nowadays, I suspect your smile makes them more suspicious rather than reassuring!

  4. Hanako, yesterday I found your comics and was reading all night and laughing non-stop! :) I like your sense of humour very much, it resonates with my) And of course thaank you veery much!!
    Anastasia (Saint-Petersburg, Russia :)

    1. Hello Anastasia
      Thank you very much for finding my blog, and welcome to my site!! I think it is very cool to connect with people from different parts of the world through humour. Please pass along my blog to your friends who may enjoy.