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072 - Me Cool

        Hello everyone! How are you surviving this winter? It is very cold in Toronto… It is -13  (-19  with wind chilloutside. My face hurts with coldness.

        I recently started translating my comics to Japanese at a different blog. Please check it out if you are interested in Japanese! J


  1. -19℃! That's brutal!
    And.. I suppose I am glad that I can understand 5% of your hiragana writings :D

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! That's so funny, and so cute (in a non-condescending way)! And it was also a very good try for someone who was bravely beginning to speak colloquially in a foreign tongue. And just look at you now: you're so proficient in English that you're able to work for a bank and write a comic-blog (things I doubt that I could do, even though English is my native language). So, you go, girl! :)

    1. Me awesome! Hahaha...
      People at work seem to understand me all right although I sometimes make funny mistakes in English. :D