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050 - Kevin's Rusty Japanese


  1. Ha ha ha! Sooooo fuuny, especially because I make screw ups like this ALL the time. I also love Hanako-Sensei! Can you do more of those?

  2. You look good in specs, Hanako sensei :D

  3. A for effort! >.< I think that is a common problem for English speakers, misplacing different alphabets with unfortunate/embarrassing results!
    Cute guest appearance by Hanako sensei! (。♥‿♥。)

  4. Yes, a big A for Kevin! I know how it is to learn a language, and I have been there. It is about being brave and practicing. You are sometimes embarrassed, but then you can draw comics about it…
    A new character, Hanako sensei has been established!! Hahaha. I actually do have a teaching licence at public schools in Japan, but I ended up working for a bank in Canada. C'est la vie!

  5. That is spectacular!! Good job Kev.
    Also, Hanako, I too love these Japanese lessons and katakana/hiragana refresher courses!

    1. Hey guys! Maybe I can give some Japanese lessons once a while? We will see... :p