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045 - Kissy Kuma

     Hi everyone! We are going back to Japan for a few weeks. I will have limited internet access while I am travelling. I am going to try to post a comic for Saturdays, but timing may be a bit different because of time difference.

     I am just starting to pack now. It is 11:00 pm, and we are leaving home at 9:00 am tomorrow morning. I am getting excited... :)


  1. This week's cartoon made me burst out laughing aloud, as I used to feel exactly the same way with my cat. Poor little Kuma (and Dusty, my deceased cat). Heh heh heh! I hope that your trip to Japan goes well. Bon voyage!

  2. Bon voyage!!! and have fun in Japan.

  3. I agree! I've never had a dog. Even though they can be fun to have around, I hate being licked by one. I have had a cat though and I would do the same as you. :D

  4. My dog does that... And hope you have fun with family back in japan... I know that feeling.

  5. Oh Kuma, he must be waiting for us to come home everyday... :p
    It is very humid and hot in Japan!! I am in Morioka visiting my sister and having a blast of good food and summer festivals. Hee heee!!

  6. lol this is so true!! Kuma is probably thinking why are you so cruel haha

    1. Hey Claire! Kuma can be stinky sometimes, but I love him...